International Schooner Races

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San Juan Islands Captain Raynaud International Schooner Race

July 8 - July 13, 2011
6 days
$895.00'per person; includes all meals

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Come along for 6 warm summer days of sailing in the beautiful San Juan Islands for an unforgettable adventure aboard the Schooner Zodiac. The highlight of this cruise is the Captain Raynaud International Schooner Race which takes place over a period of 7 days and is organized and run entirely by the participating NW Windjammer schooners.

The Schooner Zodiac will join the race for several days and you will be the crew. Each evening, the boats will anchor in a scenic bay or harbor and there will be plenty of opportunities to socialize, relax and visit other ships. The Zodiac, as the largest participating ship, frequently hosts an on-board BBQ for all race participants - don't miss this event!

Northwest Schooner Rendezvous - The Windjammer Fleet

Visit the website of the newly formedThe Pacific Windjammer Fleet:-

San Juan Islands Windjammer Gam

Oct 7 - Oct 9, 2011
3 days
$550.00'per person

Experience the excitement, history and romance of the authentic Windjammer Schooners of the last century!
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