Faces of Zodiac

The majority of the crew positions onboard the schooner Zodiac are comprised of a talented group of volunteers. Our volunteers come from all walks of life; carpenters, seamstresses, educators and students. The contingent of sailors and craftspeople involved with the Zodiac are committed to keeping the ship restored and continuously sailing. The Zodiac could not sail without our dedicated volunteers- or without our enthusiastic passengers!

The overriding mission of those involved with the Zodiac is to keep the nautical tradition and skills of our maritime history alive and to educate, inform and involve passengers in the lore of tall ship sailing.

The average crew billet for a public charter can be anywhere from eight to eleven members; the licensed captain and chief mate; six to eight deck hands and the most important position: the ship's cook.

The deck crew is responsible for sailing the ship, instruction and supervision, safety underway and boarding passengers.

Pictured here are many of the Zodiac's crew members and supporters. Click on a photo for a larger view.