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Raising the new mastHighlights of our 2011 Season

2011 Was an exciting year for Zodiac. We raised two new solid-wood masts, and a brand new main sail. We also had our busiest season so far, with a very successful voyage to Desolation Sound.

Skipper Karl MehrerThe Faces of Zodiac

Zodiac has seen a lot of faces in her 88 years. The Zodiac could not sail without our dedicated volunteers, who keep the ship maintained and sail her during the season. Our crew become part of the extended Z family.

The Schooner Zodiac was built by the Johnson & Johnson FamilyZodiac History

Built for the heirs to the Johnson & Johnson family; the Zodiac was designed by William H. Hand, Jr., to epitomize the best features of the American fishing schooner. In 1982 she earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. She continues to work the waters of Puget Sound, San Juan and Gulf Islands to this day.

Zodiac Reconstruction

In the mid 70s, the Vessel Zodiac Corporation was formed to operate and maintain the schooner, whose maiden name was promptly restored to Zodiac. Drawing on an experienced crew of sailors and shipwrights, the ship was restored to her former beauty and sailing strength.

Voyage to Desolation Sound

Desolation Sound sits at the north end of Canada's Sunshine Coast. Many yachters and sailors regard this area as some of the best saltwater cruising ground in the world. The pristine waters of Desolation Sound are surrounded by steep evergreen mountains, all teeming with wildlife. Come aboard the Zodiac as we sail up to Desolation Sound for a twelve day trip full of scenic fjords, inlets, waterfalls and marine life.

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