Sail Training Programs

Chart reading school American Sail Training Association

Zodiac is a member of the American Sail Training Association (ASTA).

The Schooner Zodiac offers a variety of sail training programs for all ages; youth, adult and inter-generational or family trips.

The Zodiac sails throughout the San Juan Islands and Canadian Gulf Islands.

The Zodiac's accommodations are comfortable and spacious, with three bathrooms ("heads") and two hot showers. We have a full galley and mess area as well as a roomy main salon with library of nautical reference and fiction. There is room for 26 passengers on overnight cruises and up to 45 people on day sails.

Educational Cruises

Throughout each sailing season the Zodiac is chartered by educational institutions, high schools, colleges and youth organizations to operate day and overnight sail training charters in the San Juan Islands. These programs can vary from an afternoon aboard the ship learning the ropes to a weeklong expedition that integrates hiking, kayaking, service projects and environmental studies while exploring the Salish Sea. The Zodiac is available for educational charters from March-October.

Hands on Learning

Captain Tim demonstrates how to use a Sextant to navigate

While aboard the Zodiac, students are organized into a watch rotation that cycles them through stations and gives them responsibilities that are integral to the safe passage of all ships. Under the supervision and instruction of the crew, students learn basic navigation and how to determine the ship's position and plot their course. From there they go aft to steer the ship under close guidance from the officer of the watch, then forward to the bow watch station and, lastly, back aft as ship's messenger to communicate hazards to the helm and monitor the radios.

Passengers are also assigned to sailing stations and learn how to raise, tack, reef, set and lower their sail under a crew leader's guidance. By the end of the trip the students are proficient in handling their station and they are the ones effectively sailing the ship. During the cruise, a sail theory seminar is offered to explain how the 150 ton ship is able to harness the energy of the wind and how each sailing station contributes to getting where you're going.

Fully Customizable Educational Platform

an octopus pays a visit on deck soon to be released back overboard

An educational cruise on the Zodiac can be integrated with classroom curriculum and subjects such as marine biology, history, physics and maritime studies are easily incorporated into the hands on learning experience.

4-hour Educational Day Sails are available for $39 per person with groups ranging from 25 to 49 passengers.

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