COVID-19 safety

Schooner Zodiac COVID-19 Precautions

  • All cruises operating at 50% of Coast Guard capacity or less
  • All Crew and Passengers must wear masks below decks and outside on deck as well.
  • Directional traffic and social distancing below decks
  • No self-service buffets, meals will be plated by chef (wearing a mask and gloves during all food prep)
  • Sneeze guard installed in the galley
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations will be located on deck
  • Crew will disinfect surfaces such as hand rails, grab bars, handrails. This will occur before and after each sail.
  • Crew and passengers must attest that they have not experienced any COVID-19 symptoms within the past 72 hours and have not been in close contact with anyone known or suspected of COVID-19.

Additional Overnight Cruise Precautions:

  • Passengers’ sleeping quarters are their private area during a cruise (this is a normal policy)
  • The awning will be put up as soon as the anchor is put down. Eating and sleeping on deck is encouraged. Please bring your own sleeping bag/pad/pillow if you plan to sleep on deck.
  • All life jackets will be disinfected after each use
  • Boarding ladder will be wiped down after each small boat operation
  • Passengers traveling together will be assigned the same sailing stations whenever possible
  • Crew will be assigned enhanced cleaning of common areas at the end of each of their watch period.
  • We will take advantage of exploring some of the most remote islands in the San Juan Archipelago to encourage social distancing!